Strengthen Your Office Culture

Workplace culture is a critical component of a business’s operations. At Managed by Q, we work with thousands of companies, including startups, growing businesses, and established corporations, to ensure they can nurture their unique workplace culture while seamlessly meeting the operational demands of the modern workplace. We wrote this guide to empower office professionals to take a methodical approach to creating a culture their team loves that also enables them to do their best work.

How to create strong office culture


Develop a mission driven culture and define your company values

Define policies and practices to guide your culture and connect with your team.

Build strong workplace culture

Build community and celebrate employee contributions

Plan team events to build community and create meaningful ways to appreciate employees.

create strong company culture

Create a space that supports your culture

Set up a welcoming office environment, inclusive workspaces, and a food and beverage program for your team.

Company culture activities chart

Chart and checklist for company activity planning

Guidelines for the type and frequency of cultural activities based on your company size.