Customer-Story-Greenhouse-La-1Greenhouse keeps the office clean to create a great workplace experience.

Greenhouse builds recruiting and applicant tracking software that enables companies to optimize their talent sourcing process. As they work to empower their clients to find employees who are a great add, Office Manager La focuses on creating a great experience for the more than 200 (and growing) employees in Greenhouse’s New York City office.

Greenhouse relies on Managed by Q for regular nighttime cleaning and daytime assistance. La is in charge of office operations, employee recognition, and internal events, and she loves that Managed by Q takes care of Greenhouse’s space so she can focus on the culture building and employee communication aspects of her job.




Q: How does working with Managed by Q make your job easier?

A: Working with Managed by Q has been a great decision for us. I’m the only Office Manager in our NYC office and we have a 36,000 square foot office, which is a huge space to oversee. We’ve been growing; when I started we were 160 and now we’re over 200.

Using Managed by Q has allowed us to consolidate the services we use across the board, which frees me up to do other tasks. It enables me to manage the food and beverage program, send out employee newsletters, and curate employee events. Having Managed by Q in place helps one person address all the different parts of being an office manager. It’s definitely a value add.




Q: How does working with Managed by Q and our services, such as ongoing cleaning, help you create a great workplace experience for your team?

A: We have a daytime assistant and nighttime cleaning five days a week. We love our Operators, they are a great addition to our community, and having an Operator here the entire day is very helpful to us. We have kitchens on both of our floors where people make their lunches, and we have lots of silverware, and lots of dishes. We have more than 200 people and we’ve grown since we started with Managed by Q. We have a great community, but sometimes we need a little extra help.

We’ve also used Managed by Q for office tasks such as repairing sinks and fridges and moving furniture, especially as our team has grown.

Having a clean workspace is really important to drive productivity, as well as employee happiness. If you’re trying to get work done in a cluttered or disorganized space it can be really distracting. Having a nice space that’s not cluttered helps my team focus on the tasks they want to and need to focus on.




Q: How does Managed by Q’s technology help you work more efficiently?

A: I always have the dashboard open on my desktop. Throughout my day lots of requests pop up all the time, and because the dashboard is very easy to use, as soon as I know I need something I can schedule it quickly, and time is so important. For me, as a first time office manager, Managed by Q is a sweet tool to have.

Q: What are some of your favorite aspects of working with Managed by Q?

A: Having one place to go to and find quotes quickly and get people scheduled is essential for me to do my job well. The Operators are always very super friendly and helpful and it’s nice to know we can go back to get qualified help quickly.

I really appreciate that everyone at Managed by Q is very attentive. I frequently speak with my account manager who is always there to help and I appreciate that the supervisor comes by and checks in. Everyone is on top of it and finds ways to make the office experience better. Feedback I give is taken seriously and the team is always working to find solutions to any problems I encounter.

Managed by Q frees up my time so I can focus on making people happy at work and focus on the cultural and communication element of my job, as opposed to managing our facilities.




“I really appreciate that everyone at Managed by Q is very attentive and finds ways to make the office experience better.”