Customer-Story-Oden-Technologies-Shauna-1Oden Technologies relies on Managed by Q to help realize their vision for an innovative office.

Oden Technologies is driving innovation in industrial manufacturing by combining industrial hardware, wireless connectivity, and big data architecture into one simple platform so all manufacturers can analyze and optimize their production, from any device. They help factories increase efficiency, optimize production, and reduce waste throughout the manufacturing process.

As the People Operations Manager at Oden, Shauna leads all aspects of the employee experience, from overseeing HR and payroll, to managing the office space, to planning culture building events.

Shauna joined the company 18 months ago, when they had ten employees, and since then the company has tripled in size. As the company grows, Shauna works to ensure all employees have what they need to do their most innovative work. Oden has worked with Managed by Q for their office move and to help prepare their new space including taking care of furniture assembly, mounting and hanging, and window cleaning.




Q: How has Managed by Q helped you tackle challenges around the office?

A: Managed by Q has saved my life many times.

One big challenge that came up was during our office move this past summer. We were planning to move offices on August 1st, but we found out we had to move out of our old office two weeks sooner than we had originally planned. I had just gotten back from a vacation and was organizing a team retreat. The move was looking like it was going to be a giant disaster.

Managed by Q helped me book movers at the very last minute and find a company that could store our stuff for two weeks. The movers came back two weeks later to move us into our new space and everything worked out great.




Q: How has working with Managed by Q made your job easier and enabled you to work more efficiently?

A: The best thing about working with Managed by Q that I have a one-stop shop for all my needs. As soon as an issue comes up in the office, the Managed by Q dashboard is the first thing that I turn to. It’s very easy for me to connect with other vendors through the platform instead of spending hours on Google.

Overall, Managed by Q saves me a lot of time. It’s great that the dashboard stores messages, job quotes, and invoices all in one place so I don’t have to search my inbox to find them. Using the Managed by Q dashboard, I don’t have to worry I deleted something by accident and I have a record of my messages and communication about specific projects.




Q: How does Managed by Q help you create a great workplace experience for your team?

A: Working with Managed by Q makes it easy for me to communicate with my team about projects in the office and set expectations. If we have a project or a request I can provide updates as they progress. People know if they request something that Managed by Q will respond in 24 hours. People on our team know Managed by Q is our go to for office help and will say ‘Oh maybe Q can help’ when they have a project idea. Everyone thinks Managed by Q is the solution to all of our problems.

Managed by Q has helped us with tons of projects. We’re a unique space in that we have a hardware lab in our office. We have pegboard panels mounted on the wall that Managed by Q has installed, taken them down, and reinstalled several times. Every time I submit a request for help with the panels I say, ‘Just send the Q pros.’ When my team first told me they wanted pegboard walls I imagined they would be very difficult to install, but Managed by Q has made it possible.

The Managed by Q team knows our vision and our projects and I am confident they will get done well. I really like being able to say, "This is our vision, can you make it happen?"




Q: How does working with Managed by Q’s account managers and workplace experts help you run your workspace efficiently?

A: Our Managed by Q account manager and the support team are super responsive and proactive about what we are working on. Managed by Q is always on top of any problems that arise and addresses them right away.




“The best thing about working with Managed by Q that I have a one-stop shop for all my needs.”