Customer-Story-WhatIf-Innovation-Matt-1The ?WhatIf! office encourages spontaneity and innovation thanks to help from Managed by Q.

?WhatIf! brings human values to business by doubling down on the people side of innovation. The 25-year-old consulting firm empowers companies to come up with new ideas to bring passion and fresh perspectives to their business guided by the values of impact, audacity, passion, love, and adventure.

?WhatIf! relies on their office space to be the center of their work and to empower their team and clients to think differently. An untraditional space with many different working environments, the consulting firm relies on day porter and nighttime cleaning services from Managed by Q to keep their space clean and organized so it can be presentable for client meetings and empower employees to work creatively and think big. Schenelle, from Managed by Q, who works at ?WhatIf! has “become part of who we are,” says Matt.

As ?WhatIf!’s talent manager, Matt oversees recruiting, performance and professional development for employees, and collaborates with the company’s facilities manager on operational tasks.




Q: How does your space reflect the unique values of ?WhatIf!?

Our space tells the story of ?WhatIf! better than I ever could.

We like to make “wow” moments for clients. Our producers often use our space to their advantage. For example, a producer filled a room with live plants for a client who wanted nature to inspire their project. Our space gives our clients permission to get out and have big ideas.

Overall, it’s different from what you are used to in a typical office. There’s a ton of pictures of staff up on the walls, including large professional portraits of employees who won our values awards, different spaces for different types of work, like open collaboration space and a library for heads down work, and photographs from company events. Visitors can see we’re a company that lives towards people.




“Our Day Porter always goes the extra mile to make sure our space serves as a “wow” moment for our clients.”


Q: How does the unique set up of your space impact office operations, such as cleaning?

A: The physical management of the space is a challenge and takes a proactive, always on approach to keep it clean. Our Day Porter, Schenelle, is essential to this. She is on constant patrol, moving around the space, asking, “Are you done with that coffee or that plate?”

Our Day Porter has become an essential part of our team because she sees potential pile ups and addresses them. Our operations and culture require flexibility on the part of our cleaning staff. For example, when we brought in the trees for the client meeting and the confetti cannons for our employee’s birthday, she didn’t know in advance and she rolled with it, whereas other service providers might have rolled their eyes. We can be messier in the moment because she will help us get the space back in order.




Q: How has working with Managed by Q helped you live your values and be more creative in the office?

A: Our office space allows us to practice the values that what we preach. I’m always touring employees around, and we’re bringing clients in—a messy space during one of those impromptu tours would be a detriment to us.

Because employees see our Day Porter from Managed by Q doing her job and going the extra mile, she has helped make everyone more aware of how they are using our space. She's helped build better behavior into our culture. Now employees do our part to help out around the space and don’t waste resources.

In addition, now Schenelle is helping to mentor new Managed by Q employees. It’s been great to see her grow as a teacher and a leader. Working with her and Managed by Q has been a really great experience and different than the average service provider relationship.




“Managed by Q takes a proactive, 'always on' approach to keep our space clean.”